Cognac Rody Arabesque

Cognac Rody

Cognac Rody

First Cru Grande Champagne

It is the quintessence of ancient, traditional winegrowing and the precise distillation art of the Appellation Cognac Controllée (AOC) - a French noble brand with geographical origin and strictly controlled quality. In addition, it is a Premier Cru from the top locations of Grande Champagne, where our family has been based for  over four centuries.

Special qualities for special occasions


Very Special
Cognac Rody VS Flagon


Very Superior Old Pale
Cognac Rody VSOP Flagon


Extra Old
Cognac Rody XO Flagon

Collection Rody

Pineau des Charantes

Pineau des Charentes

Appellation Pineau des Charentes Contrôlée

Family business since 1628


Formerly known as Maine-Mercier winery, as stated in the registry from Touzac, it changed its name in the XVIth Century. The Connil family who owned the property at this stage gave this winery its current name, 'Domaine des Conils'.

Cognac Rody Tradition

Historical basket presses from 1907


Since 1628, our ancestors, the Martin ‚de chez Connil’ family ran and expanded the winery over many generations. Our family in the middle of the last century inherited the winery and this gave us a heritage of an old tradition of Savoir-faire to learn from. You can still find many historical stories and highlights marked onto the walls of the winery.

Cognac Rody - Tradition

In the 19th century our ancient Eugène Martin made the winery famous, beyond the national borders.

Tradition & modernity

even today in the 21st century

Cognac Rody Tradition & Moderne

The ‚Domaine des Conils’

Touzac is a small community in the heart of Grande Champagne and is very close to the city of Cognac. In Touzac, you can find our vineyards, our wine cellars as well as the place where we distil and store our Eau-de-vie until we sell it.

It has been our long tradition to keep a small barrel of our best Cognac of each individual year in our maturation cellar. I would like to take the opportunity to present these distillates named COGNAC RODY to admirers of premium Cognac.

Cognac Rody Domaine Des Conils

Gift Boxes

Holztruhe Cognac Rody


Lime subsoil in the Grande Champagne

To bear the name Cognac, it has to be made in the French Departments of Charente and Charente-Maritime in the southwest of France close to the well- known wine region of Bordeaux.

The region for this Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) is authorized to produce Cognac and is divided into five zones, called crus.

The heart of these crus is the „Grande Champagne“ which is the only first cru graded by the French government.

This region is spoiled with extremely calcareous soil that gives Cognac from this area grand refinement and persistence. However, there is a long process of barrel ageing involved to make these distillates achieve their inimitable completion.

Cognac Rody Grande Champagne

Next to the municipality of Segonzac is our vineyard in Touzac

Cognac Rody Linden Allee

Basswood avenue to the winery

Cognac Rody Arabesque Original

Our mosaic arabesque is also part of our logo

Cognac Rody Tower

Former windmill, today look-out

Cognac Rody Batchu Statue

Bacchus - the god of wine

Contact & Sales

Cognac Rody
Domaine des Conils
16120 Touzac (France)


Cognac Rody - Roderich Dühr

Dip. Ing. Viticulture & Enologies, Geisenheim

Former activities

  • Tasting Manager at Meininger Verlag, Neustadt
  • Buyer at Hawesko, CWD, Tesdorpf, The Wine Company
  • Buyer at Schlumberger, Meckenheim, Schlee&Popken Bordeaux
  • Manager at, Meckenheim
  • Head of purchase at Feinkost Käfer, München


  • Managing shareholder at RoderikCo SAS, Touzac


2017 New in the portfolio

Complementing our range by an excellent Rody tchin-tchin, the regional aperitif classic Pineau des Charentes. We will also launch a new Rody-VS-Mixery (younger VS, especial compounded for  barkeepers and those who like to mix cocktails and long drinks).

2015/16 Restart bottling of our qualities after a long break

After a long interruption in the self-marketing of our brand we came back in 2015 with bottled qualities on the market. Due to the war years and the economic circumstances of the post-war period, in the region lots of producers stopped the direct marketing of their production. It was the rule for most of the […]

2015 Foundation of the company RoderikCo

In 2012 we started to ‘reduce’ the selected, highly concentrated barrels of  ‘Eau-de-Vie’ from our reserve-cellar. Here they aged all the years with approx.70% Vol., but needed  to be ‘reduced with water slowly to 40% Vol. to be easy drinkable and able to show all their aromas. At the beginning of 2015 a refining and […]