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2015/16 Restart bottling of our qualities after a long break

After a long interruption in the self-marketing of our brand we came back in 2015 with bottled qualities on the market.

Due to the war years and the economic circumstances of the post-war period, in the region lots of producers stopped the direct marketing of their production. It was the rule for most of the winegrowers to produce or distil their distillates and age them in oak barrels, but then the production was sold in bulk to the big Cognac-houses who sold the distillates under their brand.

Today, we are pleased to fill up in carafes a selection of the most beautiful cognac rarities under our own label (Cognac Rody). We would have liked to continue using the brand-name of our pioneer and ancestor Eugène Martin, once one of the famous producer of the 19th century, but we do not want to create confusion with similarly sounding producers in the region.